projects : 22 Sep 2018

Arduino Hourglass

A digital hourglass using an Arduino, 2 8x8 led matrices and and 3-axis accelerometer.
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books : 20 Aug 2018


by Eugene Ionesco
Surreal reinterpretation on Macbeth
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books : 23 May 2018


by Margaret Atwood
A modern retelling of The Tempest
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books : 16 Oct 2017

The Power

by Naomi Alderman
Imagining a world where woman have the ability to kill men with a natural electricity.
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books : 28 Jun 2017


by William B. Seabrook
A drunk writer goes to rehab in the 50s
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books : 04 Jan 2017

The End of the World

by Geoffrey Dennis
A self-published book from 1930 enumerating the various ways the world might end.
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