Guitar pedal board

(It’s technically for mandolins…)

I’d spent too long with my pedals in a bucket, setting them up (replacing batterires etc) and breaking them down every time I use them. And I didn’t want to spend any money.

Enter Ikea’s KNAGGLIG box (£9)


The sides of the the box were the right width, so I ordered it

and unpacked it

The first thing I realised was it was not going to be deep enough for all the pedals I wanted

So I took a slat off the back side

and added it to the front

with a bit of scrap for a brace and a couple of screws

I have the depth I want for 2 rows of pedals

One of the spare slats from the back was perfect for the rear stand, supported by a right-angled bracket

And it started to look correct

After some (incredibly light) sanding I spray painted it a matt black a few times

On both sides

and waited 20 minutes for it to dry before

adding a satin clear coat

Once it was dry, it was time to add velcro tape

and remove the rubber “feet” from the pedals so the velcro would work

The front row goes in quickly

and I do the same for the back row

Time to add the power supply underneath, also by velcro (for the time being)

and some soft feet for it to slide on

And that’s it!

The finished product

A great pedalboard for £9 in wood and £11 in paint (not counting the £80 I spent on tools - tools are an investment, not an expense)

and only one injury (opening the packet of right-anged brackets with an exacto knife)

Written on April 18, 2019