Other projects

Many projects I start are not finished, and they are often abandoned for better reasons than they are started. Much is learned from unsuccessful projects.

What I’m saying is these might never appear.

Currently sitting on shelves:

  • a simple single channel digital radio for my father (who has Alzheimer’s)
  • a simple two-channel digital radio for my mother (who does not have Alzheimer’s but is in her 80s nonetheless)
  • an 8x8x8 led cube - paused as I think of the application for it. I had wanted to reproduce in the led cube whatever is placed in a related box (of similar size); a 3d scanner of sorts. But I haven’t figured out how to implement the scanning part of the project.
  • a USB controller for my main audio recording mac finished
  • a small (keyring) GPS tracker for my father with a decent battery life (7 days)
  • a CD player for my father with only an eject button and a volume knob.
  • a movie to coffee-table book converter. I’ve had some success, but want more.
  • a sentient human skull (currently under development)